Using my new iPhone 5s. So far so good, no complaints, but due to personal experience with using my iPhone 5c, I think itโ€™s better for me to alternate the usage of both these phones to minimize the battery life as well as wear and tear :)

I can’t believe that I actually won tickets to go and watch UB40 LIVE tonight! Woohoo!!

One of my favorite fruits!

One of my favorite fruits!

Today is a very sad, sad day. I can’t believe that Microsoft has decided to cease Microsoft Windows XP ๐Ÿ˜”. I remember early this century when I was attached to Microsoft as a contractor, Microsoft Windows XP was just released and launched. At the time, there was so much hype about the product. I also remember around about the same time, Bill Gates released the tablet PC with Compaq. However unfortunately the tablet PC was not much of a huge success at the time.

I came across this absolutely beautiful and absolutely stunning mirror display with a model and two mannequins dressed in front of the mirror. One of my dreams is to actually be the proud owner of one of these babies!! I really hope that my wish will come true!!!

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Had a chocolate tea drink at Chatime which is sooooo…. Deelicious!!!

March 2014 was indeed quite a very good month that I enjoyed ever so much!